To be listened and to be heard... to be supported while you gather your forces and get your bearings.

Pauline Philips    07813 927756


counselling online and in person (BECKENHAM)

If you are finding life a struggle at the moment or have an issue that you are finding difficult to deal with then I can help

 I guess if you have found me here you are or have been thinking about counselling or therapy and may be wondering is it right for me? Will someone be able to help?


We may know what is causing our problems: a difficult relationship, loss of a loved one, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed or generally just sad. Sometimes its that we just don't feel right inside.

I like to think of counselling as a safe and secure place where you are given an opportunity to talk to someone about how you really feel and explore the possibility of change.

I can't always change your situation but I can help you change the way you feel about it 

Please call [07813 927756] or email me to discuss your initial session.